Little update, and Happy Lunar New Year

Here are the recent changes to the game. Some are updated features, while some are updated image packs. For the image packs, you have to redownload them and reinstall them, but it's very quick so there's that. Added a fix to the PTC image packRepackaged TFA with RtTFA scans & scans for Starter decksAdded various … Continue reading Little update, and Happy Lunar New Year

Very many merry updates

So, a lot have happened over the past month. As you may have noticed when loading the game. Here is the list of all of those changes and updates. If you have any suggestions and feedback, please contact us at the MB Discord. Thank you so much for your support and contribution! 1. Flood tokens … Continue reading Very many merry updates

Hot fix

There's been a hotfix to Devil Reef and War of the Outer Gods. Please redownload the image packs for them. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for sticking with us!