Update to releasing schedule

Due to the delay in the actual products being released, we’re waiting for them to be physically out first, then add in scans 6 months afterward. We’ve added the time when the scans will be released here. Do note that the game updates, as well as watermarked images will still be released as the game goes on, it’s only the scans that are released later.

In the meantime, we’ve also made some various fixes to the other packs, namely adding missing images, or replacing watermarked ones. We will continue to do this as any mistakes are found and reported, and we’ll compile a list if they’re to spread out over many packs.

Right now, you can expect the product release schedule to be as followed:

  • June: Weaver of the Cosmos (scans in December)
  • July: Return to the Forgotten Age & Barkham (scans in January)
  • August: Starter decks (scans in February)
  • September: The Innsmouth Conspiracy (scans in March)

We’ll see you in the next update!