Meowlathotep over Innsmouth

So these packs came out at approximately the same time. The update should be live by the time this post goes up, as well as the image pack for TIC. We can’t find watermarked images for Barkham, so for now you’ll have to make do with proxy. But don’t worry, there’ll be nice images in April next year!

On a more serious note, there are quite large caveats with these new packs, which we’ll explain in more details in each section below.

Barkham Horror – The Meddling of Meowlathotep

This is a spinoff standalone of the original game. All the cards are in OCTGN now, and you can use it as normal. The issue here is that we’ve contacted ArkhamDB and they informed us that they are considering whether or not they’ll actually put Barkham on it. Their reasoning is that these cards can’t be played in a normal game anyway, so there’s little use having it up on the DB other than archive.

What this means for OCTGN user is that you’ll have to use OCTGN’s deck editor tool to manually add Barkham cards into your deck, mainly the investigator cards & minis, and any of the player cards included there.

Your options are to either:
1) Make an ‘invalid’ deck on ArkhamDB like you would normally, then import into OCTGN’s deck editor, or manually add in cards during play (which will skip the OCTGN’s deck editor part, but you won’t be able to save your deck); or
2) Build the deck in OCTGN’s deck editor from scratch.

Either way, it’s a bit inconvenient if you want to play this scenario, so until ArkhamDB decides to have Barkham on it, these are your quickest and most simple solutions.

The Innsmouth Conspiracy

This expansion includes many many new mechanics that the current game module does not have enough support for us to implement the new mechanics smoothly. At the moment we have all the content in place except for the flood tokens. You can enjoy this new cycle just fine, though there will be a little more fiddling than previous ones.

1. Bless & Curse tokens

This one is a head-scratcher for sure. They’re chaos tokens, but they don’t behave like one. We are exploring how to best implement this new mechanic in our current system to be as intuitive as possible, and hopefully with some degree of automation for ease of use.

For the moment, they’re available in game, but when you use them you’ll have to:
1. Manually add them via Ctrl+A. Do remember the limit of 10 tokens available for each one.
2. Move them into the chaos bag (if you don’t they won’t function correctly).
3. If they show up during a test, you’ll have to use the ‘Draw additional chaos token’ function to get another token for that test. And then you would have to remove them from the bag, which you also have to manually remove, either. drop them into 2nd Special Discard, or seal them and set them aside, and reuse them if needed.
4. For other effects, they act as a regular chaos token.

Please let us know your experience interacting with these tokens, and what function, option or action you would like to have/do with them, as well as any suggestion on other shortcuts/QoL features you think could improve playing and navigation.

2. Key tokens

We’ve decided to turn these into normal ‘cards’, which means they’ll behave like any other cards you have on the table. Be sure to always put them on top of everything else, or they might get lost when you move cards around. They come with the unrevealed side up by default, so even if the scenario says to set them aside face up at the beginning of the game, you’ll still have to flip them over and put them aside somewhere. As with most other set aside things, these tokens will also be inside 2nd Special for mid-scenario setup if they’re not instructed to be on the table at the start.

3. Flood tokens & tokens on table

The module separates the game’s tokens into 2 types: the ‘card tokens’ and the ‘marker tokens’. Chaos tokens, and now key tokens are ‘card tokens’, as they are coded as cards, and can be flipped over, exhausted or moved around on the table. Things like resource, clue, doom, damage, horror are all ‘marker tokens’, and they are basically counters on a card and they’re stuck to whichever card they’re on.

What this means is:
1. The flood tokens are basically a 2-sided counter for a location, which can be easily substituted for resource or damage/horror markers. Right now, you’ll have to settle with using other markers to proxy these tokens on locations.
2. It is impossible to put resource markers in between locations such as the preview for the scenario “In Too Deep”. Therefore we will have to use a ‘card’ token, maybe an unused key token, or path connectors with resource markers on them (which we haven’t see. being utilized much).

It will still be a while before In Too Deep comes out, so we still have time to figure out what to do with its quirk. As for the flood tokens, we are also still debating on how to best handle it, so stay tuned for future updates on these issues.

All in all, this is a big update for the module, and things might be buggy and/or fiddly for quite a while until we can get things sorted, which can take some time, so please have patience. Any feedback is always appreciated, so contact us on Discord if you want to let us know anything.