Big update! Huge!

Well it depends on what you would consider big. But this is big enough to need a post.

1. Devil Reef, War of the Outer Gods & Bad Blood

3 new things in a patch! Out now!

2. In Too Deep notes

The first Mythos pack of TIC has been online for quite a while now, and you can see that we have chosen to make the Resource token into a card, that you can put on the table. What else will this be used for? Who knows, but at least the option is there and if you want to fiddle with Resource token as a card, you can play with it by manually adding it. Its name is “Resource” and you can find it in the “Token” set in OCTGN’s deck builder.

3. Blurse

Our amazing developers have finished the implementation for Blurse into the module. Try right-clicking on the table and select Add Bless/Curse and see the Chaos bag changes before your very eyes! Shortcuts are F8 for Bless, and Shift+F8 for Curse.

How this will work in-game is when you add a Blurse into the Chaos bag, there will be a counter for how many Blurse is inside the bag. When you pull one out, it will just stay put on the table. If it goes away like during a test, you delete it. If it goes back into the bag, you drag and drop the token back into the Chaos pile in the Global tab, and the Chaos bag counter will update the next time you pull from it. Remember the controller of the piles in the Global tab is mainly the room owner, so more work for you there.

If you don’t do anything to the Blurse token after pulling it, it’ll just stay there where you pulled it. So remember to actually put it away (delete it and it’ll disappear) or put it back into the bag. You can also seal it as with normal Chaos tokens, though this is not necessary because of the aforementioned reason.

4. Card auto-population & doom counter

One of the features we didn’t think would be implemented has been the auto-populating the cards with clues and tokens like you would see in the TTS mod. Great thanks to an incredible member in the community in French who has graciously made this possible for us. Now when you flip over locations, it’ll automatically put clues on it, as well as putting into play any player card that has Uses ().

A small note for auto-clue: You now have to load each player deck before you load the scenario deck, in order for this feature to work at the start of the game for any already-revealed locations.

Additionally, doom will now be counted from all cards on the table. Scenarios like Black Stars Rise, Doom of Eztli or Dark Side of the Moon will break this, but those are a really small number compared to the vast majority of scenarios we have. It’s fine, everything is fine.

5. Saving tool

Also thanks to the community contribution for the update to this. Before, it was clunky and doesn’t work properly. Now it’s working! Our community has the best members.

How to use Save/Load:
1. Save the table state. This will save all state of everything in the game (cards of each player, cards on table, all piles, clues, doom, everything).
2. When you load your save file, everything comes back, meaning now you can stop your game and come back later.
3. If your save file’s name ends with “Setup.json”, on load the game will read that as it’s initial setup , and all auto-clue will trigger as if you were loading the scenario deck for the first time.

That’s it for today. If you have any questions, please contact us on Discord, as usual.

Good luck, and have fun!