Very many merry updates

So, a lot have happened over the past month. As you may have noticed when loading the game. Here is the list of all of those changes and updates. If you have any suggestions and feedback, please contact us at the MB Discord. Thank you so much for your support and contribution!

1. Flood tokens

Flood tokens have been added as a card, you can add that in manually if you want to feel fancy. Be warned that it will be much more fiddly than just using a resource marker to denote flood levels.

The images for the tokens are located in the image pack for Innsmouth Consiparcy. Download and reinstall the pack again to access the images for them.

2. Hotfix to Parallel Investigator

There was an error in Agnes’ images, and it has been fixed by now. Please download and reinstall that too.

3. Drawing tokens and their shortcuts

There are now keyboard shortcuts for drawing multiple tokens and drawing extra tokens:

  • Drawing X tokens: Ctrl+X – default at 3 for Jacqueline’s frequent usage
  • Drawing additional token: Shift+Ctrl+X

Remember the interactions with Blurse and manage the tokens accordingly.

4. Bonded cards and the Sideboard

Now when you load a deck with any host cards, their relevant bonded cards will also be created in the player Sideboard, which is located to the far right, next to the Discard pile. Generally you can use the Sideboard to hold cards that are ‘removed from the game’, but now they hold the bonded cards as well. Think of it as a general-purpose out-of-play area.

5. Auto-populating markers

A pretty neat feature has been added, which is the automatic addition of tokens on cards, specifically clues on locations and resources on player cards. Just a small note: in order for this to work properly, load the player decks before the scenario decks.

There might be some missing/incorrect information of the card data, so please keep an eye out and let us know if anything needs to be fixed. Thank you.

6. Saving Tool and quick setup

The Saving Tool is now working properly and you can save your game progress mid-play. This also enabled us to make a quick setup save-file for each scenario. Many of the random elements will still have to be managed manually, though with this save-file, you can save some time in setting up the scenario.

The Quick Setup files have their own page now (next to the Image Pack page). Please note that they are hosted by a different contributor, so they will have their own update schedule. Keep checking back for more scenarios in the future.

Big thanks to the French community for this feature!

7. Highlighting (with colors!) (upcoming)

We’re working on a highlighting system for cards. The most straight forward use is to mark Lola’s role. Other uses might be to highlight hunter enemies, etc. We’ll give you more updates as they are implemented and tested.

That’s it for now. We’ll return when the new pack is out, as well as any other interesting features are added.

Happy holidays!