Edge of the Earth data (and image up to Lair of Dagon)


Light in the Fog and The Lair of Dagon images have been released (for quite some time now, please check the Image pack page regularly since not every pack will have an accompanying post).

Next up for the image packs is Into the Maelstrom, which will be available in November. After that, 2022 will starts with Returned to The Circle Undone in January.

Return to The Circle Undone introduces the Tarot deck, which can be accessed by right-clicking on the table and select the appropriate menu. There isn’t an option to rotate the cards since the pop-up preview can only be in the upright position due to OCTGN’s inherent limitation anyway.

The module has been updated with Edge of the Earth card data as well, so you can use your own images or proxies for them. This will facilitate cards that have been added to ArkhamDB as well.

That’s all for now. And as usual, you can reach us on the MB’s Discord server. Have fun with the new images and check back sometimes for updates!