EotE Campaign & New functionalities

It’s been a while since the last update, again, but packs nowadays release so slowly and far apart, it’s only natural that there are few updates. But fear not, this one is here to sooth all your itches!

1. Edge of the Earth campaign

First order of business, the data for EotE campaign is up in the module for you to use with your own images. The official watermarked image pack will be available when official campaign guide is available on FFG. This is because we still need a decent quality on some of the tokens included in this box. Don’t worry, this will likely be solved soon, so check the Image Pack page regularly.

This update also comes with some new functionality and automation that’ll make your actions quicker.

You can now double click on player cards that search decks to automate a search action. If you need to choose the number of cards to search, you will see a pop-up dialog. Then the search will happen and you will choose your cards in another pop-up window to put in your hand. A few things of note:

  1. This card search will work with your own card to affect your deck or encounter deck.
  2. If Mandy is on the table, card number prompt will have an additional option to search deeper.
  3. When Mandy’s search hit Shocking Discovery, it’ll be pulled onto the table highlighted in red and recorded in the game log. Remember to resolve its revelation ability!
  4. Specific search for traits are implemented for each card with this condition.
  5. Cards with Research trait will also show up in searches.
  6. At the moment, only some most-used cards have this functionality, we will add more cards that search in the future, as well as expand on some interactions with multiplayer. We will post an update specifically on this topic when this feature is fully done.
  7. (not all cards yet) (works for cards that search your own deck, still need testing to see if other people can take control and automate search their own. mandy & research-trait card implemented)

3. Shuffle into deck

You can now shuffle cards to their corresponding decks (locations into Location pile, encounter cards into Encounter pile, player cards into your own deck), and there’s an option to shuffle them into the top or bottom too! It can be found in the drop-down menu when you right click on cards. This really helps with things like Stargazing and The Stars Are Right, or some specific location decks like Miskatonic Museum.

4. Save chaos bag

EotE heavily features effects that permanently add or remove tokens from the bag, which is something that’s only been done between scenarios. Now there is an option to directly pull the bag out from the game in its current state to save it for the next scenario. This feature can be found in the same place as the Saving tools. With this tool, you can just add tokens into the game mid-scenario and save the bag and not have to remember to change it afterwards in OCTGN’s Deck editor.

5. Saving tool chaos token fix

The saving tool used to had issues with Blurse both in the bag and on the table. That has been fixed this patch to work properly.


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