Quality of life for everyone:
IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently some of the automation that deals with player card’s owners are buggy if you load a save file. If you somehow have to load a game from a save, please do not use some of the below automation, since it can lead to crash. Automation from previous patches are still fine to use.

  1. General changes
    1. Player cards with automation can be triggered by double-clicking on it, cards that don’t exhaust shouldn’t turn sideways anymore
    2. Ctrl + 4 to shuffle a Tekeli-li card into your deck, double-clicking on one to move it to the bottom of the Tekeli-li deck
    3. Mulligan automation is improved and is now correctly replacing normal weaknesses while keeping tarot weaknesses
    4. When encounter deck is empty and being reshuffled, there is a log to notify players (mostly for TCU)
    5. Hidden cards are now automatically drawn facedown
    6. Random discard doesn’t discard Hidden cards
    7. More card search automation
    8. Cards attached to other cards are now automated
    9. Some Survivor recursion cards are now supported: Scavenging, Resourceful, Scrounge for Supplies, True Survivor and Prof. William Webb. Wendy’s Amulet (both versions)
    10. Sealing cards are now automated
    11. Some changes for two-handed solo (mostly ownership of cards)
  2. Phase change automation (triggered using F12)
    1. Cards can automatically trigger at deck load: including Sefina & Joe setup, Studious extra card, ADAD & Indebted resources
    2. Cards can be triggered manually before drawing opening hand: Ancestral Knowledge & Stick to the Plan
    3. Mary’s auto bless at first Investigation phase and every end of upkeep (start of mythos)
    4. Cards that replenish now do so at the start of Mythos phase (end of round), including a special case for Preston’s Family Inheritance at start of Investigation phase
    5. Amanda automates her draw and commit at start of Investigation phase
    6. Joe automates his hunch deck at start of Investigation phase
    7. Hunter enemies are targeted at start of Enemy phase
    8. Patrice automates her draw in Upkeep phase
    9. Dream-Enhancing Serum & Forced Learning automation is supported
    10. Notification to a player when their deck is empty and to take a horror
    11. Jenny automates her extra resource in Upkeep phase
    12. Dark Horse asks you to trigger it
  3. Blurse
    1. Blurse tokens now count tokens on the table as well as in the bag
    2. Blurse tokens attached to cards can be moved around manually or triggered using the cards themselves
    3. Blurse tokens attached to cards will be moved back to the bag if the card they are attached to leaves the table
  4. Investigators
    1. Akachi auto +1 charge to cards
    2. Diana’s extra starting Dark Insight in hand that can’t be mulligan
    3. Norman always reveals top card of deck. The Harbinger forbids all deck automation (including draw or deck manipulation cards), except removing it manually (drag it to the discard pile).
    4. Investigator’s elder sign can be triggered by double-clicking on the investigator card, including: Mandy, Leo, Nathaniel, Joe, Patrice, Silas

Parallel Wendy is out too, and she’s here. And since it’s January, Return to the Circle Undone scans have been merged with TCU into one complete package!

The image pack for EotE player cards have been updated with scans. Stay tuned next month for the campaign box!

We’ll work on ArkhamDB integration for parallel investigators later, for now, enjoy the new changes and let us know if you find any bugs!