Download OCTGN
You can download the latest release of OCTGN software here.
Once installed it will automatically check for updates and install them when you load the program.

Install the Arkham Horror: The Card Game definition
Once OCTGN is loaded, click on the Games Manager tab, and select “Community Games” from the drop-down menu. Here you’ll see game modules for various game modules. Click on “Arkham Horror – The Card Game”, then click the Install button. That’s it!

The image files for the cards are an optional download. If you don’t install these .o8c files, the game will generate really cool proxy cards for you containing everything you need to play. Image packs for cards will be made available 6 months after a product has been released.

All the Scenarios are built into the game and will be installed into your “OCTGN/Deck/Arkham Horror – The Card Game” folder when you install the game. You can create your own player decks (.o8d) using the built in Deck Editor.

Card Image Packs
All the card image files can be found on the Image Pack page.

Install Card Images
So you have downloaded all the files you need. Open up OCTGN and select the “Games Manager” tab.
Press the “Add Image Packs” button and browse to your downloaded o8c files. You can select all the .o8c or .zip files in one go or add them individually.

Adding in your own scanned images
With the utmost respect to FFG, we delay the release of Card Image Packs until 6 months after an expansion is released. However, if you own the physical set of cards, it is now very easy to add those images into the game for yourself.

1) Scan and crop your cards into your computer.

2) Resize the card images to be roughly 600px high, and save them as a .png or .jpg (600px wide instead for horizontal cards).

3) Open up the Deck Editor within OCTGN, and navigate to the expansion pack you wish to replace the images in. You’ll see the generated Proxy Card images in the preview window. One by one, drag your scanned image from Windows Explorer onto the Preview image of the card you wish to replace. Any card that is double-sided (such as Quest cards) will have left and right arrows in the preview window in order to view the other side of the card. Be sure to replace these back sides as well.

4) Enjoy your game with your new images!

Run the game
Head over to the User Guide for more instructions and start playing!


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